LaVerne Iverson

"Delivering Dialogue to Develop"

The Source for Clearer Vision...

LaVerne was anxious for a solution to her illness. For six months she was unable to see clearly. At the time the doctor, and family members wondered if she would eventually regain her eyesight. 

By the mercy of God, her eyesight was restored... but not fully clear as her vision remained blurry for many years. 

Back then LaVerne did not believe all she had heard about God. Her physical vision was still clouded by a worldly mindset. She was in an unhealthy relationship that kept getting worse. 

Finally, LaVerne became desperate and managed to break FREE... 

She was scared and forced to re-think her plans. She found a route of escape from the negative entanglement, and believed for better… 

Later, She relocated to the United States where She started a NEW life with her new husband. She wanted relationship. But, She had taken some baggage loaded with bitterness

To LaVerne's surprise, her husband had his own TOOLKIT, religion. Yes, there was trouble from the honeymoon... 

LaVerne and her husband struggled to find the right tools to FIT their needs. What could they do? Their tools just didn’t seem to work together!

Her husband was busy with his biker friends. He worked on mending broken automobile engines with his Toolkit. Yet, he couldn’t help mend his wife’s bitter heart. 

LaVerne battled rejection, loneliness, and bitterness from her past. She felt like a foreigner in her new home country, without friend or family. She had a husband She hardly knew, and a tiny strand of unraveling hope. 

After gaining some insight from God, LaVerne recalled instructions from her parents. She connected with Christian mentors, and pastors that came alongside to nurture her spiritually. She was encouraged to trust God to restore her marriage, and to guide her to use her God given gifts. 

A personal loss, and another crisis had LaVerne crying out to God, again. In spite of her mentoring, She had still been running from God. After much crying, prayers, and teachings, the bitterness started to decrease. 

LaVerne started seeking God for a personal relationship. Soon, She started to write from a surge of inspirational that is still pouring out. 

LaVerne exchanged her baggage for a New Package, The Word of God. And, her husband, he gave up the bikers’ life, but still packs his mechanic Toolkit. God, in His awesomeness, provided them both with the right TOOLKIT, His Word. There are still moments of challenges. And, from time to time, some negative sparks fight to spurt out. It takes a rush of the Holy Spirit to douse those flares with the active living water — God's Truth.

LaVerne and her husband now use what they are learning to help each other. In addition, they are helping to nurture other needy souls in their communities. Their message is united, it’s spreading the love and Word of God. It took about twelve years for them to accept the perfect FIT. God did it. He is a Restorer, and More... 

For LaVerne, leaving her family to start over in a foreign land with a new husband was very hard. Yet, She went from being bitter, scared, feelings of being alone, with a thread of hope, to trusting God. 

LaVerne is using her story and spiritual gifts to speak and write for the CAUSE of Jesus Christ.

Why do you care about LaVerne's true events as shared above?  It’s a testament, and encouragement for you to trust God. If you're struggling, continue to seek God. He can and will turn things around for your good, and His glory - trust Him! 


The Word of God is the medicine that heals, and brings our thirsting souls to life. Whatever your situation - believe that God loves you!  

LaVerne Iverson.