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"This issues of the heart, are the concerns buried deep within that causes heartachesLaVerne Iverson. 

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  • Cayman Islands Community College, Grand Cayman - Associate Degree in Business.
  • Certification in Offshore Banking & Trust Services, as a Trust Estate Practitioner (TEP)., (U.K.) - via Barclay's Private Bank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd.
  • Studied at Faith Theological Christian College, and at Ministry of Spirit and Truth Christian College (Tampa, FL). - Bachelor Theology. 
  • Writing courses - AWAI (American Writers & Artists Inc.) - Electronic Newsletters, and Writing for the Christian Market.

Work experience

  • Barclay's Private Bank & Trust (Cayman) Ltd., - Senior Trust portfolio administrator in Offshore Banking/Trust, with experience in managing and delegating portfolio beneficiary funds for high net worth clients from underlying Trust Wills/(Estates), responsibilities also included setting up corporate entities, and managing properties held in underlying companies. Ensure corporate and trust minutes were typed per attended minutes and that all corporate company, and Trustee minutes were maintained per all relevant meetings.
  • Reviewed and audited Trust Deeds/Wills, among many other duties. As Snr. Trust Administrator, traveled to places such as USA, Bahamas, Jamaica, and London to attend Trust workshops/seminars sponsored by employer. 
  • Experience in the mortgage arena an home loan mortgage processor. Last corporate job held was as Team Leader (TL) over 24 offsite employees in the foreclosure sector. Responsibilities included but were not limited to writing client directives for the company's quality assurance training manual (with monthly edits/updates). These written directives were constantly updated for nine different offices, nationwide in the U.S., that were state specific
  • Organized, and facilitated weekly and monthly training sessions (as needed) for the 24 offsite team members via teleconferences with online visuals.


  • My first major writing assignment was to write a short novel as part of my English class final exam (High School English). It was a fiction romance - approximately 30 pages, presented as a novel, with front and back cover design, I made from colored scrap paper. (Unfortunately, I never received that novel back after graduation. I guess it did okay, with a B grade). 

  • Wrote a poem that was accepted and published in Outskirts Press, Fandemonium Volume 2 (a publication to benefit the American Red Cross). 

  • Authored/Published four Christian titles (one fiction, two non-fiction, and one journal). The first book, 'Rae's Revenge & Redemption:Commanded To Forgive,' received literary nomination (a suspense romance with biblical principles).

  • Chosen from among my peers for a special project. My current employer at the time, Barclay's Private Bank & Trust (Cayman) Limited, sent me to the British Virgin Islands, Tortola, (BVI). There I spent a week auditing the corporate records/minutes, and wrote reports of all findings for approximately 500 corporate companies, in five days.

  • Greatest writing challenge was to write 10 essays on Banking and Offshore Trust topics in under five hours for my Trust Estate Practitioner (TEP) Certification. You guessed it! After that challenge, I never wanted to write another word. Until 2008, when some hardships drove me to paper and pen to journal in an attempt to release issues that I had buried within. Now, my joy is writing and speaking to encourage others spiritually.

Faith Statement

Mission: Supporting Christian ministries and businesses that nurtures individuals, families, churches, and communities, planting spiritual seeds of hope to the spiritually needy, through the world.

Value and Vision: I value working in unity with your Christian ministry, business or nonprofit to serve others through Jesus Christ, helping one individual at a time. My passion is writing to provide dialogue based on the Word of God, that encourages, for emotional and spiritual needs. 

Belief: I believe that the Bible (The Word of God), is the source for true wisdom, knowledge, and wellness for each soul. I also believe that their is One True living God who exists in the Trinity as God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, to whom I give honor for this writing ministry. 

"All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works" (2 Timothy 3:16-17. King James Version). 

Aside from ministry, and writing, I enjoy baking, and chocolates...

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